Roughly 900 marijuana plants confiscated in Candler County

(Source: Candler County Sheriff's Office)
(Source: Candler County Sheriff's Office)

CANDLER CO., GA (WTOC) - A marijuana raid Wednesday in Candler County yielded not only hundreds of plants but also an arrest.

Local authorities say they couldn't pull off searches and raids like this without some out of town help.

Agents of the Governor's Drug Task Force spotted these plants and more - roughly 900 -from the air off Donnell Road. Candler County's sheriff says pot remains a mainstay drug in rural Georgia.

"We spend a lot of time dealing with meth, cocaine and prescription medications. But marijuana is still out there and whether you agree or not, it still illegal," said Candler County Sheriff John Miles.

They arrested Richard Anthony Warren in the case.

Sheriff Miles says the annual visit by the Task Force helps them cover miles of ground during the summer growing season.

"To have the state come in with helicopters and fuel, and their manpower, is a big help," Sheriff Miles said.

Warren remains in the Candler County Jail awaiting a first appearance bond hearing. Beyond that, the drug task force searches every Georgia county over the course of the summer.

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