Chatham Co. corrections officer arrested after allegedly stealing from co-worker

Chatham Co. corrections officer arrested after allegedly stealing from co-worker
(Source: WTOC)
(Source: WTOC)

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - (Update): A former Chatham County correction's officer was booked into the place she once worked.

Diovanni Fenn was taken into custody earlier Friday afternoon.

According to the Chatham County Sheriff's Office, she bonded out a few hours later.

On Thursday, Chatham County Sheriff John Wilcher announcing warrants were out for her arrest after she was reportedly caught on camera stealing $200 from a fellow officer's purse.

A Chatham County corrections officer is now asked to turn herself into the place she once worked.

Chatham County Sheriff John Wilcher held a news conference, announcing warrants are out for Diovanni Fenn. She faces misdemeanor charges and according to the sheriff, it's a career ruined by $200.

"You should be able to lay something down and walk off and not have to worry about a fellow officer coming and taking it," Sheriff Wilcher said.

Fenn has worked on-and-off with the Chatham County Sheriff's Office for 13 years. Now, she is being charged with theft by taking from a co-worker.

Sheriff Wilcher said she was caught red-handed.

"I have eight hundred and fifty some cameras in this jail and it sees everything that goes on in this jail. And during the video, it showed her looking around like that and then putting the money in her pocket," Sheriff Wilcher said.

The sheriff said although Fenn is innocent until proven guilty, accusations like this is something he will not stand for.

"I said during my campaign I was going to be transparent whether you're an inmate or whether you're one of my officers. We're all going to be treated the same," Sheriff Wilcher said. "I'm not going to tolerate it. If they commit the crime, they're going to have to do the time."

Again, Fenn has not been officially charged or even booked into jail.

However, she is the third deputy out of a job under Sheriff Wilcher's watch for allegedly breaking the law.

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