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Garden City employees, housing team repair home

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The Garden City Housing Team and city employees banded together Saturday to repair a resident's home.

Sharon Bethune, co-chair of Garden City Housing Team, said it received a grant last year for home repairs, and a list of 18 qualified recipients it could work with through that grant. However, Bethune said the current funds would only cover about 6 or 7 projects, and while the home on Chatham Villa Drive where volunteers worked Saturday was on the list, it was toward the bottom. 

"When Georgia Ports decided that they wanted a project to work on, we picked this home for them to work on," she said. "They worked on it earlier in the year, and now we're finishing up the project with the city of Garden City employees."

Pam Franklin, Garden City human resources director, said city volunteers helped paint, run electrical wiring and remove debris because they support the housing team, and the project fits with the city's wellness and safety program, which asks city employees to volunteer for a charity of their choice.

"As an employee it makes us very proud to be part of an organization that reaches out like this because the housing committee did not have to form," Franklin said. "This is totally volunteer effort on their part to meet the needs of the citizens of Garden City. You want to feel like you're part of something important, and nothing is more important than helping other people."

Bethune and Franklin said being able to help residents make home improvements they likely couldn't do otherwise betters volunteers individually and Garden City as a whole.

"That's our mission with the Garden City Housing Team is to help people that are the elderly or disabled or financially unable to to things for themselves, so this fits our mission with working and getting volunteers to help us do the projects," Bethune said. "I love helping people, and so this is just one avenue that I can use to help people. I think that's why God put me here."

Franklin said, "It's tremendous. You can imagine if you could not do this for yourself. If you have a home to go to that's fully functional, that's painted, that's nice, then you have something to be thankful for, but there's a lot of people that cannot produce that for themselves for whatever reason. Life happens, so, you just want to help others and give back. Where you've been blessed, bless others."

Bethune said the housing team is a completely volunteer and donation-based organization. If you would like to make a monetary donation or get involved, you can visit the Garden City Housing Team website or send a donation by mail to P.O. Box 7053, Garden City, GA 31418.

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