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Beaufort Water Festival creates $7 million, businesses get ahead in sales

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$7 million. That's how much money the Beaufort Water Festival brings to the local economy.

The fun kicked off Friday night and will run through the week. The Beaufort Water Festival brings in thousands of people to downtown. For festival goers it's all about the action on the water, but for local businesses the water festival means so much more.

The 7 day festival offers music, a market with local goods and of course the excitement on the waves. For business owners the excitement is in the cash registers.

Take Luther's for example. The restaurant has been around for 16 water festivals and each year proves to be bigger than the previous. The owner prepares for weeks to make sure he can handle the 150 guests who fill his tables all at one time.

"All of our orders went up, our food orders doubled, our alcohol and wine, I pretty much tripled up on those orders," said Michael Stavac, Co-Owner, Luther's Rare & Well Done. "During the week it's two at night, three at night plus host, busser, but during the festival, well like now we have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 running about now."

The Co-Owner says festivals like these are important in stimulating the local economy. He adds the money they will make during the festival will help offset their slower months like January and February.

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