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FAQ: What is a First Alert Weather Day?

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There are lots of noises every day, lots of messages, lots of things to do in our daily lives all day long, and damaging or disruptive weather can sometimes “catch us” by surprise.

“I didn’t know that was coming!”

Let’s make sure you do!  WTOC knows that you want the information about the threat of any disruptive weather first, from life-threatening storms to flooding rains, dangerous heat or cold, and of course tropical storms.  The WTOC FIRST ALERT Weather Team has created a way to cut through the noise, get the message to you first while you try to get everything else done in your busy day:  the FIRST ALERT WEATHER DAY.

Q: What does it mean when WTOC issues a First Alert Weather Day?

A: Our team of Meteorologists issues a First Alert Weather Day when the forecast has the potential to include weather that you will need to pay special attention to through that day.  It’s our PROMISE that we will update our forecasts with greater regularity than normal which will include our Social Platforms, online at wtoc.com, the free WTOC Weather App, Roku & on the Big Red 11, WTOC-TV.

Q:  Is a First Alert Weather Day the same as the National Weather Service watch and warning system?

A:  No, not exactly.  While we value our partnership with the NWS and keep in contact with them constantly, our First Alert Weather Days are issued by the WTOC First Alert Weather Team and can be: 1) called earlier than the NWS watch and warning system to give you and your family more time to plan and to be prepared, and 2) called for different reasons than the NWS, reasons that are very disruptive and can be very dangerous.

Q:  What can I expect on the day of a First Alert Weather Day?

A:  We try to issue a First Alert Weather Day several days in advance.  On that day, you can expect increased weather coverage on social, online and on TV to include hour-by-hour forecasts.  The timing of any disruptive weather will be our primary objective, noting either morning, afternoon or night when you might want to change you plans if possible.  And not only will our Meteorologists tell you when conditions will get more extreme, they will remind you ways to stay safe for you and your family.  You will see a First Alert Weather Day logo on your television, phone or computer screen often throughout the day reminding you of the potential for troubling and disruptive weather.

Q:  Will I definitely see severe weather on a First Alert Weather Day?

A:  No, not necessarily.  Our viewing area includes 23 counties.  There could be a chance to you might stay completely dry or without any gusty winds while another viewer is experiencing severe conditions several miles away.

Q:  Can I contact WTOC with specific questions during a First Alert Weather Day?

A:  YES!  Our team of Meteorologists will conduct several Facebook Live broadcasts, Live Streams on our app during which you can have your questions answered directly.  This is also a good time to safely share your local weather conditions.

Q:  Will WTOC ever cancel a First Alert Weather Day after it has been announced?

A:  Yes!  It’s WTOC’s goal to give you an advanced alert to the potential for disruptive weather.  If forecast conditions change, our team of Meteorologists will cancel the First Alert Weather Day.  And if and when conditions improve after the storm has passed, we will allow the First Alert Weather Day to expire.  We don’t to want to frighten anyone into watching TV or using digital platforms.  We do want to give you the “heads up” to help keep you safe!

Q:  Are pictures of weather in my area helpful to WTOC on First Alert Weather Days?

A:  Yes!  And all pictures and data will be shared with the local National Weather Service office.  The reminder is to always take photos safely and do not put yourself or your family in harm’s way.  It’s easy to send photos from the free First Alert Weather App, or you can email them directly to pics@wtoc.com.

WTOC hopes this article will give you the insight into our First Alert Weather Days and will serve you better during any disruptive or threatening weather.  Our team of Meteorologists has the tools and the local knowledge and experience to help you now, to help you first.

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