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Do My Job: Leopold's Ice Cream

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Being surrounded by ice cream sounds like a dream come true, especially at a legendary eatery. 

Leopold's on Broughton Street is a Savannah treasure. The family created their secret ice cream recipe almost a century ago. 

Leopold's Ice Cream started almost 98 years ago, in 1919. Three brothers from Greece came to this country and learned the art of ice cream making from an uncle, and started making world famous Leopold's Ice Cream right here," said Carey Ferrera. "We use the finest, freshest, local ingredients possible here at Leopold's Ice Cream."

Carey and the gang wanted me behind the counter to create soda fountain classics, but first, I had to dress the part. Before the doors opened, veteran soda jerk Anderson Kennedy gave me a crash course.

"We are going to be making ice cream soda," he said. I asked, 'ice cream soda, so what does this entail here?"

"Okay, so we are going to start off and get a pump of the vanilla syrup. I usually like to do a pump and a half maybe." Anderson said.

"See yours looks so much better than mine," I said.

"I don't know, that's a pretty good first try. Give this a shot." Anderson said.

Now that I got some practice, it was time to try the real thing.

Business quickly picked up. I got a little nervous as the line grew, but I jumped right in to serve my first customer.

The line that forms outside Leopold's is just as famous as the shop itself, but the crew keeps it moving. Customer service is a top priority.

"We can make great ice cream, but if we have terrible customer service and aren't giving best service possible, you won't come back," Carey said.

"And as Savannah, we feel like it's our responsibility to show everyone who comes through the door that Savannah southern hospitality."

So many flavors in the coolers, but vanilla is still the most popular. They do get creative and offer specialties to showcase the Coastal Empire. You can always go for ice cream on Broughton Street, but Leopold's can bring their sweet treats to you, too. 

We tagged along for a special delivery to a group of Girl Scouts sightseeing in downtown Savannah.

Lots of smiles and laughter at Leopold's Ice Cream. The fun was contagious, but make no mistake, the job of scooping and mixing up ice cream classics is definitely an art. 

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