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Do My Job: John Davis Florist

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The City of Savannah can serve as a beautiful backdrop for weddings - and weddings keep florists like John Davis busy.

I stopped by one morning to see how he and his team build bouquets and centerpieces. It’s more than just a job to John.

“I’ve made friends and family in this place," John said,

It all starts in a packed workroom filled with every type of fresh flower imaginable. Wonderful colors and smells overwhelmed me. I can see why John loves his job.

“They make people happy. Even if it’s a sad occasion, they’re going to be happy when they get flowers.” John said. 

For the past 30 years, John’s creative mix of local, seasonal flowers and plants has supplied Savannah with thousands of happy customers. I learned quickly this job isn't all sunshine and roses!

"We are coming in the door, and the phone rings. People think you are here all the time. The phone rings, you are ordering flowers, the flowers are coming in, you are having to put the flowers up. Every day, you get fresh flowers, every day, you get more orders, and they want them in an hour, and you can't have flowers in an hour. You have to be realistic, so it's little stressful. There are funerals, babies, get wheel spins, happy birthdays, weddings.  

With that being said, we started working on a wedding rehearsal order. First up, prepping the flowers. I plucked plastic and netting off of every flower from that morning’s shipment. I discovered I didn’t dress the part for the flower business. My shoes were cute but not comfortable for the back and forth trips to the sink. I also made another mistake while filling up the vases.

"Okay, you gotta hear this. She put both hot and cold water to make it come out quicker! Really, you better stay in news," John laughed. 

A lot of prep time goes into creating a bouquet. It’s almost like an assembly line. We gathered all of the flowers needed into a bunch and lined up all of the vases on the work table. Then, John used his gift to transform stems and petals into floral masterpieces.   

"Alright, so we just finished up working on a wedding rehearsal so we have hydrangeas, delphiniums, blue thistle, and these are green mums. They are beautiful. Everything came out very pretty, and on the ninth one, she did it right."

I found out John’s talent isn’t just flower arranging. He’s also very intuitive when it comes to his customers, and even with me, a bride to be!

"Red roses are your favorite? People with dark hair love red roses," he said.

"Really," I asked. "I know that!"

"Every wedding that has red roses, usually the bride has dark hair," he said.

The team never stops. There’s always something to do; sometimes 20 things to do. My takeaway from this day: Multitasking is a must!

"We do five things at one time here."

"Hey, it's good. It's called being efficient with your time. I like it."

See, it's not all roses working at a florist. It's a lot of hard work, but the customers are always satisfied at John Davis Florist. 

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