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SCCPSS bus transportation system moving to online-only maps

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Chatham County Schools will kick off the new school year in just a few weeks. We've got some info for you on what's new for the 2017-2018 school year - the biggest thing being changes to bus routes. 

Brock Elementary got an early start, heading back this Monday, to begin their first year as a year-round school. The real area of focus this year - no matter what school you go to - is how you get there.

"There's a whole lot of bus routes and it requires a whole lot of coordination," said SCCPSS Public Information Manager, Sheila Blanco. "In order to provide the most up-to-date information at all times, we're gonna release them only online."

The Savannah-Chatham County's Transportation System's bus routes are throwing out their printed bus maps and moving to only online. They say, within the first few weeks of school, the bus routes change almost every day. In the past, they couldn't even use the original maps by the second day of school. 

"Those routes are tweaked as far as the times that bus will be stopping at your home, so by the time that printed paper got into the hands of parents, those routes were already obsolete," said Sheila Blanco, SCCPSS Public Information Manager.

In about a week, you'll be able to see the minute-to-minute updates online. Teachers are thrilled because of horror stories in the past with bus route changes. 

"With us, in the past, if nobody was home, they got stuck on the bus. They would have to go through the whole route and come back to school. It could be like an hour before you would get back to the school,"

The online routes will hopefully never let that happen again. 

"For the kids to know, 'I'm going home this way.' You can see it, the parents can see it. You don't have those mistakes,"

A reminder to parents: don't scope out your child's bus route just once. 

"We encourage parents to check, you know, every couple of days. Continuously check, especially those first few weeks of school, as those routes are constantly tweaked,"

New bus can be kind of scary, but teachers say 'we're all in this together.' They have jitters too. 

"We're just as nervous as they are, so for them to come in, don't be nervous, and if they are nervous, just know, so are we,"

The first version of these bus maps is expected to be live by July 25. You can find all the information for your child's school supplies, uniform, and anything else they need to get ready to go back to school here

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