Good News: Girl Scouts QuestFest wraps up in Savannah

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Every year, 50,000 Girl Scouts come to Savannah to see where their organization started, but also to learn about the city where Girl Scouts Founder, Juliette Gordon Low lived.

This past weekend, it may have seemed that Girl Scouts took over downtown Savannah, and the event they were here for was a hit on several levels.

They came. They saw. They searched. They learned about the organization that has helped shape their young lives in a place where Girl Scouts of America took shape.

"We thought how awesome it would be to help them have fun while they're here, learn a little more about our history, and of course, walk in the same steps at Juliette Gordon Low," said Sue Else, CEO, Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia.

The home of the Girl Scouts was home to 1,000 young ladies from the organization this weekend. Girl Scouts from 22 states spent three days scouring the city on scavenger hunts, learning about the city's history, and also enjoying concerts and parties at Questfest.

"I like that there's so much culture here and fun things to do," said Kate McGrath, Girl Scout, Birmingham, AL.

Part of the group crossed from one level of scouting to the next while they were here, making it a real bridging ceremony.

"Walk across the Talmadge and see the history of Juliette. This is where it all started. This is really special."

And so was the bond that girls from many other places formed this weekend - in one place, with a common connection.

"One of the girls that I talked to last night, I asked her 'what's your favorite part about being here and being in Savannah,' and she said, 'I want to meet other Girl Scouts from other places,' so that's pretty touching. A Girl Scout is a sister to every other Girl Scout, and they want to meet their sister Girl Scouts. One of the things they have enjoyed the most is getting to know other Girl Scouts from different states, to see what they do in girl scouting and to see how they do it and see the similarities and differences. They've loved that," Else said.

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