Consider This: Commend officers for handling of LaBeouf arrest

Consider This: Commend officers for handling of LaBeouf arrest

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - In recent years, body cameras - along with guns, badges and handcuffs - have become standard issue for many of our police departments across the country. 

A recent CBS report indicated that more than half of our country's 18,000 police agencies use the tool, including our very own Savannah-Chatham Metro Police Department.

The use of body cameras became a necessity to create a sense of transparency after a rash of police shootings left seemingly innocent victims dead.

But that transparency cuts both ways. Often when body camera video makes the news, it's because an officer is accused of excessive force. Rarely do we see the footage when an officer is exercising excessive patience, which is by far the more common practice.

But that changed for us last week after actor Shia Labeouf was arrested for drunken disorderly and generally just acting the fool by our Metro police. 

Amid threats of legal action of million-dollar attorneys, name calling and just general idiotic behavior Labeouf, every officer involved in the incident kept their cool, let the loud mouth, spoiled Labeouf spout off and did their job in an outstanding profession manner.

Consider this: Clearly there are rogue police officers out there that abuse their powers in ways that can sometimes have deadly consequences, but by any measure, they are the vast minority.

We can never lose sight that there are thousands upon thousands of men and women who wear the badge with no other agenda besides to protect and serve.

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