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Tree limb crushes delivery truck cab on East Bay Street

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Heavy rain Monday morning caused a tree limb to crash down onto a delivery truck with the driver still inside. 

A giant hole full of rotting wood is all that is left on the trunk after the waterlogged branch fell off of a tree at 208 East Bay Street Monday. The driver wasn't injured when it fell, but store owners said it should be a reminder to individuals and the City of Savannah that despite their historic charm, old trees can be dangerous. 

"I just hope that they have a program or someone on staff that's actually checking on the health of these trees to make sure that if they are bad, that they're taken out before something awful happens," said Steve Sekac, co-owner of Southern Gents Antiques. 

The driver said at first, he thought the falling branch was extremely loud, terrifying thunder. He said he makes deliveries on East Bay Street all the time and has never seen anything like this happen. Savannah city workers and Georgia Power removed the debris and fixed the power line the branch fell on in about two hours.

Sekac said the tree didn't look unhealthy from the outside, and said that makes being proactive even more important.

The city's Park and Tree Department posted a public notice to the tree, saying it has been scheduled for removal because it "contains decay, extensive deadwood, decline, or other physical defects."

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