Small details can help Metro solve missing children cases

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - What a comforting feeling for any parent to know exactly where their children are. All too often though, we learn about children who are missing.

There were two cases just this past weekend. Thankfully, those children were found quickly and in good health. Fortunately, that's been the case with missing children cases this year.

Savannah-Chatham Metro Police Department officers have closed all open missing children investigations and want to keep it that way.

Police want parents and caregivers to know there's no time that needs to pass before you call to file a report. The sooner the better.

Police also ask that you have a current picture of your child, also know what they were wearing when you last saw them and anyone they might have been with, friends, relatives, etc.

"So, in addition to where they were last seen, what they were wearing, a current picture, we're going to ask the parent or the caregiver about some patterns their child might have. If there are friends that they enjoy hanging out with. If they love the dog down the street. All of those things that may not seem important on a day-to-day basis, but as police officers, give us a better idea of where to look," said SCMPD Cpl. Hillary Nielsen.

Metro says they often get outside help from agencies, like CEMA, who dedicate resources and send out texts and tweets to alert the public.

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