Residents Shocked by Double Homicide in Quiet Neighborhood

Bullet holes mark the scene of a double homicide.
Bullet holes mark the scene of a double homicide.

A double homicide in a usually quiet midtown Savannah neighborhood has people all over the city talking. Police say it does appear to be drug related. They found a large amount of cocaine in the building along with a lot of cash. Neighbors say they can't believe all of this literally happened in their backyard on East 64th Street.

Resident Tara Edwards will never forget the night of July 12. She was home reading a book when all of a sudden she heard a scuffle in the upstairs apartment.

"Sounded like people upstairs above me were having a big fight, turning over furniture and at the same time I heard what sounded like firecrackers," she said.

Nearby neighbor Lidia Andonie heard the same noises. "I was taking stuff to my car and I heard something that sounded like firecrackers," she said.

Edwards called 911, and soon the whole neighborhood, which has never seen any real crime, realized those firecrackers were actually gunshots. Soon police were everywhere, searching for victims and suspects.

"They saw one guy by the gate by my car and said, 'Buddy, you okay?,'" recalled Edwards. "And he was dead."

Police found a second gunshot victim on a back staircase. The gunshots actually went through the wall to the front of the house.

"I thought this was a safe neighborhood," said Andonie.

So did all the neighbors we spoke with. Edwards moved there two months ago, but tonight she's concerned and scared. "Found this place and said, 'It's got to be safe, backs up to a church, on a cul-de-sac and it's a safe neighborhood, nice neighbors, got to be safe.'"

Police have now identified the victims as Quintrell Leanord Daniels, 34, and Dawan Hasan Johnson, 28. Both have lengthy police records for using and dealing drugs. Police are still searching for suspects and the investigation is ongoing.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,