Suspected Car Thief in Critical Condition After Wreck

Police say a man released from jail two weeks ago for stealing cars stole another car early this morning, and investigators say this time his crime may cost him his life.

Firefighters also put their own lives on the line to get the man out of the wreck. What used to be a gold Q-35 Infinity turned into a bunch of twisted metal after the early-morning crash on Harmon Street.

Firefighters who responded say the car hit a telephone pole with so much force it split the car in two and the driver, Scott David Trussell, was trapped inside.

Rescue crews went to work to get Trussell out. "We basically removed the car from around the patient," said Capt. Ira Harper of Savannah FD.

Crews had to be careful they didn't make his injuries any worse, and they were concerned about their own safety.

"You have high voltage lines over your head and the utility pole had snapped in two different pieces and it was basically balancing on the car," said Capt. Harper.

After 30 minutes of cutting and moving metal, they got Trussell out. Firefighters say the crash severed his leg and he had many other serious injuries. He's in critical condition and police still don't know if he's going to make it.

Police are still trying to figure out what caused Trussell to crash. What they do know is the car he was driving was stolen, and police say he has a long history of stealing cars.

Reported by: Michelle Paynter,