Register Police Department resurfaces after vote to abolish in December 2015

REGISTER, GA (WTOC) - The town of Register once again has a police department after dissolving it 18 months ago.

Chief Kelphie Lundy comes to Register to restart the department after the city council voted to abolish it back in December 2015. The move also comes after Register lost the town hall to fire.

Chief Lundy says that means replacing computers, equipment, as well as finding and hiring three officers to work part-time while he's also part-time. He says one of his top priorities will be changing the perception of Register police and the town itself as a speed trap and an excuse to write tickets.

"It's not a speed trap. It's called obeying the law. If you break the law, you deal with the consequences. You could get a ticket from the officer - maybe or maybe not. It'll be at the officer's direction," Chief Lundy said.

Lundy comes here after two years as the chief in Guyton, which ended amid controversy early this year. Lundy would not comment on that pending litigation but said he wishes the people of Guyton nothing but the best.

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