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Hometown Hero: Cemetery cleanup

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There's a little-known cemetery on the grounds of Hunter Army Airfield with gravesites of dozens of veterans. Unfortunately, the privately-owned property also gets little maintenance care. 

One local woman who cares about Lincoln Memorial Cemetery - a WTOC Hometown Hero who has more than once gathered the machinery and manpower to make a difference. 

The number of people who gave up a summer Saturday to do hot, hard work in a cemetery was remarkable enough. 

"The count was over 100, close to 200 people, and I haven't been up to see the exact amount."

One woman's efforts were equally impressive. 

"I'm not going to stop. If I have the people to help me, then I'm going to keep on because we have veterans that are out here and that's my only concern," said Misty Harvest, WTOC Hometown Hero. 

Misty Harvest coordinated a massive cleanup of the Lincoln Memorial Cemetery - an independently-owned burial ground on Hunter Army Airfield that is the resting place of many veterans and their families but had fallen into disrepair. 

Last weekend, Harvest held her second volunteer work day to declutter, re-beautify, and restore respect to veterans' gravesites, and the community showed out. 

"You have people here who are willing to come out and do this, and they're volunteering their time," said Darren Lewis, volunteer. 

"People are giving up their time on a Saturday with their families and friends to come out and have a great day in the sweltering heat with all the bugs and stuff, and they're giving up their time and do this for people they don't even know," said John Gallagher, volunteer. 

But to whom much is owed. 

Many of the volunteers - veterans or not - local, or those who flew in just for the cleanup, hope that the funeral home that owns the cemetery will now maintain it. However, if they don't, they say they'll be back, working right alongside Harvest - the WTOC Hometown Hero who continues to care about a place as special as the people in it. 

"Whatever needs to be done to make sure that this doesn't happen, we need to do it. We do have organizations that want to come out and volunteer, but what else can be done to make sure we get this where it needs to be," Harvest said. 

Harvest not only recruited the volunteers for the cleanup, she also had to coordinate access for everyone to Hunter Army Airfield so the project could take place. 

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