Rep. Buddy Carter honored Scott Waldrup on the House floor

Rep. Buddy Carter honored Scott Waldrup on the House floor

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Two weeks after that violent night downtown, Congressman Buddy Carter took to the House floor in Washington to express his condolences to Scott Waldrup's family and his concerns about the violence that continues to rock Savannah's historic district.

Rep. Carter asked for and received a minute of the chamber's time to share with his colleagues and the nation the results of the tragic 30 minutes that ended this year's Fourth of July celebrations downtown.

His focus was on the Grey Restaurant's general manager, Scott Waldrup.

"Mr. Waldrup certainly never knew a stranger. His family and friends described him as being an adventurous and bold, yet caring and selfless," Rep. Carter said.

And Carter defined that noble instinct Waldrup displayed in a moment of terror.

"During the violence in Savannah that night, Mr. Waldrup selflessly helped others to safety until he was hit by the gunman's car during a police chase to apprehend the criminal. By all accounts, Mr. Waldrup was a hero," Rep. Carter said.

Before closing, he offered his personal condolences.

"I wish his family, his friends and his co-workers the best during this very, very difficult time. We will certainly be thinking about all of them," said Rep. Carter.

He also told the chamber he hopes Waldrup's death will serve as a reminder to others of the terrible toll this kind of violent crime takes on the community.

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