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Tim's Take: Interest lacking in O.J. now

Tim's Take: Interest lacking in O.J. now

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If Thursday settled anything about O.J. Simpson, it's that the current O.J. is a lot less compelling than the former O.J.

"He's old news,’’ said Billy Parks.

And not even major news anymore.

There was plenty of coverage of Simpson's parole hearing, millions of people watching on hundreds of news agencies' live streams. There just wasn't the same reaction afterwards as there would have been back when any information about Simpson triggered visceral emotions in pretty much all of America.

"Honestly,’’ said Latresha Jackson, “it doesn't faze me one way or the other.’’

"I honestly have not kept up with it that close,’’ added Paul Stewart. “I think there's too much other stuff going on that's far more important than O.J. getting out of jail or staying in.’’

During Simpson’s murder trial, you never would have found someone without an opinion on him.

Same for when he was convicted of armed robbery. You might find one now, but you'll find a lot more people who simply don't care anymore.

"I forgot he was in Jail,’’ said Stacey Ingraham. “I did, I forgot.”

"It's all about drama,’’ added Parks. “The more interesting you can make something, the more people like it. And now it's all people have forgotten about it, so it doesn't matter anymore.’’

Part of that is the passage of time since the OJ trial captivated a nation and basically created reality television.

But another part is that the interest that was then focused on one story is now spread across so many more.

"I think with our current administration, I've got a lot more things to worry about right now like voting rights, healthcare, women's rights, LGBT rights, civil rights,’’ said Jackson. “So, I think we have more things to focus on these days, Russia investigation, things like that.’’

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