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Good News: Walk for Change

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If something is going to change in Savannah, maybe it has to start with the city's youth. 

The Frank Callen Boys & Girls Club took the first steps in that direction on Friday with a unity walk that honored the club's past while working towards a safer future. 

They went around the corner to what they hope will be a better future for Savannah. 

"Today, we're walking for a change. We're walking for a change," said Frank Callen Club member, Ke'Juan Lindsay. 

One hundred youngsters from the Frank Callen Boys & Girls Club walked to celebrate their 100th Anniversary, and also to bring the community along with them in a unity event that called for togetherness to be a solution to gang and gun violence in the city. 

"Our kids got to understand the power of diversity, the power of working together in a community, not separate," said Lary "Gator" Rivers, Frank Callen Club Alumnus. 

"It's all about prevention. We talk a lot about policing. We talk about more officers on the street, but it's really about putting our hands on these young people individually, letting them know they have something to live for and giving them something to lose. A lot of our young people don't have anything to lose," said Van Johnson, Alderman, Savannah's First District. 

Friday, the Callen kids had another memorable day at the club - with entertainment from Harlem Globetrotters' legend, Gator Rivers - and encouragement from Callen alumni and city officials in a program at Mother Matilda Beasley Park - hearing from people who care about them. 

"It's imperative that we get that message, two things: they are important, we care, and the other thing is whatever we can do in this city, we want to make sure they realize that we want to be able to help them in any way we can," said Mayor Eddie DeLoach, City of Savannah. 

It's the kind of help they get every day at the Frank Callen Boys & Girls Club - lessons from 100 years of history can lead to a better tomorrow. 

"Learning, going to school more, paying attention, listening and doing your best at everything you can," Lindsay said. 

"We need more people saying that message, and more young people hearing that message," said Alderman Johnson. 

At Friday morning's event, the Callen Club made a presentation to the city. Kids chipped in to donate a check for $100 to be used in any anti-violence initiative that could be started. 

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