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Former WTOC employee celebrates 100th birthday

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A Savannahian and former WTOC employee  celebrated her 100th birthday Saturday.

A birthday bash for Ms. Malcom Hill was held at Bull Street Baptist Church Saturday afternoon. Ms Hill worked for the Vice President of WTOC around 55 years ago. At the time our station was on Abercorn Street.

Her actual birthday was last weekend. They wanted to have the party though when everyone could come and celebrate.

Turns out it was a surprise party for more than just her birthday, but also her age.

"I was very surprised... because my daughter surprised me, because she told me I was born in 1917 and I did not believe her," said Ms. Malcom Hill. "I thought I was 98-years-old and she said no mother you are 100!"

Ms. Malcom Hill has two children, four grandchildren, nine great grandchildren and four great-great grandchildren.

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