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Community wants faster response times after announcement of police merger being dissolved

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No one should live in fear. Not of a situation happening, but especially not live in fear that someone won't be there in time for help if something does happen.

Right now the response time for officers is expected to be no more than 7 minutes. Officers have admitted their response times need a little work. But some residents say no matter how much they hustle they're simply too far away.

Colleen was only a teenager when her house was broken into. She was alone, afraid and wondered if anyone was ever coming to help.

"The response time for a 17-year-old home alone at midnight was atrocious," said Colleen Sheffield Greene.

Years later he still lives in the same area, but that night left her wondering how long the clock will tick next time before help is on the way.

"Especially at 17, it was pretty awful. But I mean now as a home owner I want to say it's almost worse," said Greene.

City Manager Rob Hernandez, with this merger dissolving, already has a plan in place to cut that time down.

"The city council is moving forward with bringing on the additional resources that is needed in our city to meet that response time standard," said Hernandez.

Everyone is on board with more officers as a big part of the solution.

"It's too long. It's too big of an area and I don't think there's enough police officers per beat," said Greene.

Colleen is a leader with the East Side Alliance, an organization that has been pushing for their own protection whether that be a precinct, police department subset or something. 

Police do want to remind people that buildings don't protect citizens. Officers do. They hope with this merger dissolving more officers will be in these areas and people like Colleen will never have to worry about help coming quickly again. 

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