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Georgia NAACP President steps down from position

(Source: Georgia NAACP) (Source: Georgia NAACP)

Francys Johnson of Statesboro has stepped down from his position as the president of the Georgia NAACP. The 38-year-old civil rights attorney and pastor announced his departure this Saturday at the 108th National Convention in Baltimore.

Johnson is known for his work bringing rights back to the litigation prowess of NAACP in Georgia while bringing attention to and ushering in a new era of black millennial activists, such as the Black Lives Matter movement.  

“Francys Johnson lent his talent, time and treasure to the Association at a critical time. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of his leadership,” said Derrick Johnson, the recently appointed Interim President and CEO.

Johnson held many titles during his 30 year tenure with the NAACP, from sitting on the Youth Council to serving on the National Staff as the Southeast Regional Director. “It’s emotional to step away from doing something you love,” said Johnson.

“Street heat and legal teeth were the hallmark of Johnson’s leadership with the Georgia NAACP. He brought his marching boots and law books,” said Graylan Quarterman, a member State Executive Committee. During Johnson’s tenure that Georgia NAACP filed ten (10) federal or state lawsuits addressing racialized redistricting, voting caging and purging, as well as at-large voting. “He was as comfortable leading the powerful demonstrations across Georgia in response to police-involved deaths of citizens and the Atlanta March for Women and Social Justice, the largest protest march in Georgia history at 63,000 protesters, as he was giving an argument in Court or sermon in the pulpit. That takes a rare combination of talents,” said Rev. Raphael Warnock, Senior Pastor of Atlanta’s Ebenezer Baptist Church.

A new Georgia NAACP State President will be elected in October at the 75th State Convention in Augusta. “The new President will have to work with Georgia’s next governor; the state legislature; and leaders across the public and private sectors to address changing demographics and global realities that demand a change from business as usual. If the citizens of Georgia are going to compete and win in this global century, we need the most comprehensive Pre-K - 12 education, the most robust economic development plan, a truly impartial criminal justice system and the best universities and colleges,” said Johnson, continuing that “doesn’t just benefit African-Americans, that benefits all Georgians. The NAACP issues are not black and white; they are red, white and blue and go to the very heart of making real the full promise of America’s democracy.”

The NAACP National Convention will run from July 22nd until July 26th at the Baltimore Convention Center.

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