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Consider This: City crime problem

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When is enough enough? When are we as a community going to reach a tipping point when we come together as one, combat our area's crime problem, and take back our streets - not only for us - but for the millions upon millions of tourists who walk them every day? 

We thought we hit a tipping point last year when Kevin Reid, a downtown art store owner was gunned down on the streets in front of his wife, during a robbery attempt. WE were all outraged for a bit, then we all moved on. 

Earlier this month, Scott Waldrup, the General Manager of The Grey, was killed while walking down Bay Street as a car full of accused gang members ran him down while trying to evade police. 

So, how do our elected officials respond not even three weeks after that? Last Friday, after waiting for the county to sit down and discuss the Berkshire Study - a study commissioned with the sole purpose of making our streets safer, city council voted to dissolve the decade old merger between Metro and county police. 

Come Feb. 1, 2018, it's each department on its own. The city says they'll continue with the Berkshire Study, which calls for more officers on the streets and a seven-minute response time. The county, too, says it will be ready, but of course, they're practically starting from scratch with only six months to organize. 

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