Good News: Kids and Pros clinics

BLUFFTON, SC (WTOC) - With Kids and Pros on the field again, it will almost feel like the middle of football season.

"I played football for 22 years," said Buddy Curry, who is hosting a series of Kids and Pros football clinics this week. "I understand what the game of football did for me as far as shaping my life, shaping my values, my character."

And those are the lessons that Curry and fellow former Falcons Linebackers Keith Brooking are sharing with young players throughout the Coastal Empire all week.

It's just hard to tell which group is more excited to be there.

"Football season's a great time of year," said Brooking, who now lives in Bluffton. "I think it offers a lot. If we can get more kids to sign up here and participate, I think that's great for the community."

"These kids are going to come out and have a blast at this camp," added Curry, a certified master trainer in the NFL's Heads Up Program. "This isn't a camp where we're going to get them in shape. This is a fundamental camp where they're going to learn techniques and we teach it in a fun manner."

And while making the game fun is key to the free camps that started in Bluffton Sunday and will be offered in Pooler Monday and Tuesday and Savannah later this week, so is making it as safe as it can be.

"I think if you instill in kids the correct way to play," said Brooking, "to keep the head out of football and out of tackling and blocking, there's techniques and fundamentals that enable kids to do that to make the game safer. I think if you teach them at a young age, we're creatures of habit, they're creating good habits for themselves."

And Kids and Pros will be creating buzz for a season that now seems a lot closer to being here again.

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