3 men arrested after shots fired near Ogeechee River bridge in Bulloch Co.

BULLOCH CO., GA (WTOC) - A combo of guns and drugs made for a tense afternoon on the Ogeechee River, near a place where people go to swim and relax.

It also landed three men in jail.

You can hear the traffic on the Highway 301 bridge above us. We're only 100 yards from the main river and less than that from the boat ramp. You can see shell casings all over the sand as somebody's afternoon of target practice turned to trouble.

DNR Ranger First Class Jason Miller can't remember a case with so many crimes at once. He rode by the Ogeechee River boat ramp on Highway 301 Sunday and people told him of three men down by the bank, shooting guns near swimmers and fishermen.

He stopped the car here on the access road and started asking questions. When backup arrived, a search of the car produced guns, a jar and a cooler both full of marijuana.

Three men now face charges ranging from DUI, drug possession and discharging of firearms near a public highway or street.

"Whenever you have multiple firearms like that, they had bulletproof vests in the car as well and the drugs and the reckless conduct they were using, add it all together and it's a dangerous mix," RFC Miller said.

The trio remains in the Bulloch County jail.

Ranger Miller says they're trying to patrol this area more often to help make it safer for you and your family.

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