Police, Store Help Elderly Resident Beat the Heat

If you've spent any time outside the past few days, you know how hot it is. But while most of us can just go inside to enjoy the air conditioning, others don't have that same luxury. That was the case for an elderly woman in Port Royal, South Carolina, until yesterday.

It's all thanks to a group of local police officers with big hearts who went beyond the call of duty.

Two small fans were the only things keeping Margie Smith cool this summer. "I had two fans, but all the air coming out was hot," she said.

So she had to improvise a little. "She'd have to come out in the yard at night to get under the tree, where there was a cool breeze," said Capt. Roger Karr with the Port Royal Police Department. "It was just too hot in that house."

That's until the Port Royal police stepped in. "I was notified yesterday that she had no air conditioning," Capt. Karr said. "I came over here and it was like 125 degrees."

So after Lowe's donated an air conditioner, they installed it. "It feels real good," said Smith. "I slept good last night."

"It feels great because number one, we all love Ms. Smith," said Capt. Karr. "She's a sweet lady. These are our elders and someone has to help take care of them."

This isn't the first time this police department went beyond the call of duty to help someone out. In fact, they've been helping Ms. Smith for years.

"Just within the past four to five months, her well went dry, so we went out raised money, had her a new well dug so she'd have water in the house," said Capt. Roger Karr.

Although these officers are humble about their good deeds, they certainly don't go unnoticed.

"Thank you all for everything, you're all so sweet," Smith told them.

Port Royal police say they regularly check up on Smith now that her husband has passed away, as they do for quite a few other elderly people in the town.

Of course a big thanks goes out to Lowe's in Beaufort for donating that air conditioner.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey, jdailey@wtoc.com