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Good News: Summer Impact

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Fresh mulch on the playground was one of the final touches to a new start for Tremont Park.

"It opens your eyes,’’ said William Glover, “once you see how beautiful and gorgeous this community looks.’’

Roughly 50 youngsters have spent the last two months re-beautifying a West Savannah community, the Savannah Impact Program making an impact on Tremont Park by cleaning yards, removing debris, making homes and blocks more presentable.

"We have picked up over 20 tons of trash and debris out of Tremont Park,’’ said Sela Menaya-Merritt, Director of the Savannah Impact Program. “So, it has become a real success for us.’’

For the neighborhood bordered by Highway 516 and Ogeechee Road, where city-owned lots have been cleared, the community center landscaped and neighborhood pride has been restored, one bag of debris at a time.

"They took it and they made it their own,’’ said Menaya-Merrit. “We actually have some kids who live in this community that helped us out as well.’’

Kyler Davis is one of them and appreciates that she can help her neighbors.

"It's really fulfilling that I get to help older people and clean their community and mine too,’’ she said. “It makes me feel really nice about that.’’

But the cleanup has been rewarding for the youngsters, regardless of where they live.

"It's like receiving a trophy,’’ said Glover. “Because once you receive a trophy, you realize you can do better.’’

This is the final week of the Summer Impact, a pilot program through Savannah Impact, the Savannah-Chatham Metro Police Department and the city's Operation Cleanup.

The hope is that the effort, and the effect, will transcend seasons.

"What we've found out is the community as they see us cleaning up, they have come out and started cutting their yards and picking up trash,’’ said Menaya-Merritt. “So, that is just a win-win for everyone. We would like to continue the program year-round and quarterly find a neighborhood to clean up.’’

The youth spent three days a week for the last eight weeks cleaning up Tremont - often working in severe heat, and sometimes in the rain. 

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