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Sustainable Fellwood III residents meet with police, community leaders to discuss crime watch

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A group of Savannah seniors is looking to act as a force-multiplier for police and keep crime trending down jurisdiction-wide. 

Police crime maps show anything from aggravated assaults to stolen cars and robberies over the last year around Sustainable Fellwood III, even suspected drug activity in the park right out their front door. 

In a perfect world, police said neighborhood watch groups would be all over the city, but Tuesday they focused their pitch on the Fellwood III group. 

"Instead of just two eyes, if we got thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, a hundred eyes...that's better," Cpl. Steven Bland said to his audience. 

Just three blocks from a police precinct, some at the meeting said even with a close police presence, they still deal with crime, and they've had enough. 

"Well, a lot of drugs. We know about the guns, because somebody's always shooting somebody. But the drugs are bad," said Fellwood III resident Mary Williams. 

Right now, the end-goal is not only combining crime watch efforts within building three but to also include neighboring buildings to form a community-wide Fellwood network. 

Cpl. Bland said, "That crime, if it's happening in this building, it's happening over there... it don't make no difference to me who owns it. We have to deal with it. But, we need to get all the eyes going on first."

"The actual number of crimes have been down, and this is why: In this last year, we've gotten more active groups such as yourselves banding together to protect your area, to let us know what's going on in your area. Because you'll know stuff faster than we'll ever know it," added APO Marvin Williams.

If you're interested in learning more about neighborhood watch or starting one on your block, click here.

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