Police Search for Suspect in Savannah's Latest Shooting

Savannah Chatham Police are looking for suspects in the city's latest shooting. It happened around four o'clock Thursday afternoon at a house in the six hundred block of South Williamsburg Road.

Officers say someone shot 15 year old Thuron Elliot in the chest and cut or stabbed Sam Johnson. Detectives think the shooting may be drug related because they found marijuana at the scene. Both Elliot and Johnson were rushed to Memorial Health University. As of Thursday night, Elliot was in surgery. There was no word on Johnson's condition; however, his injuries were not believed to be life-threatening.

Elliot is the eighth person shot in Savannah since Sunday. On Sunday, three people were shot in a white Toyota Corolla on 38th and Waters. Police found crack cocaine near the car. Monday, a man was shot in the leg at the corner of Eagle and Golden Streets, during an argument with two other men. Tuesday, 34 year old Quintrell Daniels and 28 year old Dawan Johnson were shot and killed on East 64th Street. Police found a large amount of cocaine and cash near the scene.

Police are out in full force, but even with a relatively good relationship with the community, they say some crimes are difficult to stop. "It's exceptionally hard to police when someone's going to shoot someone else," explained Savannah Chatham Police spokesman Bucky Burnsed.

Still, with cooperation, comes success. Wednesday night, a man was shot several times on Rockefeller Street. He was able to tell police who shot him. Moments later, an officer spotted the suspect's car heading for the Talmadge Bridge. That officer contacted law enforcement officers in South Carolina by radio, who blocked the road and made an arrest.

If you have any information about any of these shootings, call police or call CrimeStoppers at 234-2020.