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Richmond Hill Middle School working to improve attendance

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Playing hooky...we've all done it...but for Richmond Hill Middle School, it's getting a little out of hand. 

The school used the State of Georgia College and Career Ready Performance Index as a tool to show them their attendance, which needs some work. Over half the kids missing six or more days of school last year. They say that's got to change. 

On top of Performance Index, there are state attendance guidelines and laws in place to support children being at school. The principal does not wish to comment on the attendance policy change but did send out a letter to parents and guardians clarifying why they need improvement. One parent we spoke to says, growing up, she always had to have a doctor's note to be excused. This is nothing new. She hopes all the parents are on board with this new plan, but if not, her kids definitely will be. 

"You know, all I can look at is myself and my kids and what we're gonna need to do to follow the policy. We'll just kind of see what happens. I'm hoping it does make a difference," said parent, Lisa Washer. 

Wednesday, on top of their middle school boot camp, they had a meeting just for parents, in order to give them an overlay and let them know what is expected of their children - like attendance this school year. 

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