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Eagles lessen the grind of preseason camp


Someone very wise once advised us, "Work smarter, not harder."

The Georgia Southern Eagles appear to be taking those words to heart, changing their practice schedule this preseason to just three days a week.

They'll still be working hard, but head coach Tyson Summers and the Eagles are taking advantage of a new NCAA rule allowing Georgia Southern to begin practice this week.

Summers wanted his young team to have more time to learn the system and recover from practice.

He says this camp may not be as much a grind as in past seasons, but he believes it will give them a chance to be more successful when on the practice field.

"I tried to do my research, and then tried to see how we could make it work the best we could," Summers says. "Did taking that system and then coming back, did that give us a chance to get our legs back? Did it give us a chance to be hydrated the way we need to? Would that keep us fresher throughout?"

The Eagles will be in preseason mode for the next five weeks before the season opener September 2 at Auburn.

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