Tropical Update: Watching eastern Atlantic tropical wave

Tropical Update: Watching eastern Atlantic tropical wave

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The Atlantic Basin, including Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea, is mostly void of organized shower and thunderstorm activity.

No tropical development is expected within the next five days for much of the Atlantic Ocean. However, there is a tropical wave nearly 500 miles off the African coast, or roughly 2,500 miles east of the Caribbean. This system is disorganized with minimal shower and thunderstorm activity.

In the short-term, conditions are unfavorable for development. This may gradually change as the tropical wave travels west or west-northwestward over the next several days. There is a 0-percent chance of tropical development within the next 48 hours, and a 30-percent chance within the next five days.

As of this forecast, development of this system is questionable and it poses no direct threat to the United States.

Looking more than a week out, there are several signals that suggest conditions will become much more favorable for tropical systems to develop and organize in the Atlantic Ocean after August 3rd. This system may be able to tap into these improving conditions.

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