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Rep. Carter reacts to health care vote

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So where do republicans go from here? That is the big question for both parties and of course, the Trump Administration tonight. 

Right now, lawmakers are speaking out – including Congressman Buddy Carter, Georgia's 1st congressional representative. 

The Congressman's frustration has been well publicized after comments he made during a live interview.

Carter did not walk back on those comments and says that frustration is shared by many House members in his party. Republicans have spent the better part of a decade campaigning on a promise to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Now that it's possible, Congressman Carter says the inaction in the senate is shocking to him. For republicans in the House who passed a bill fulfilling that campaign promise – this latest hang up is frustrating.

"A year ago when they voted for it, they knew there was a president in office who was not going to sign it into law," said Rep. Buddy Carter. "Now we've got a president who will sign it so I don't understand how you can change your feelings on the sudden."

We asked the congressman if it was time to move on to tax reform and leave healthcare alone. His response was simple: they're not giving up on healthcare. We also discussed the impact of Reince Priebus's firing and perceived instability within the administration. We'll have his comments on that tonight at 11. 

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