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Rep. Buddy Carter reacts to failed senate vote on repealing parts of Obamacare

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Congressman Buddy Carter is not backing down from his comments earlier this week criticizing fellow republicans who would not support the vote to repeal parts of Obamacare.

"I'm still frustrated. We've got to do something about healthcare in this county,” said Rep. Buddy Carter, Georgia’s first congressional representative.

Carter said he will not give up on repealing and replacing Obamacare. He said it's necessary to reach across the aisle and work with democrats on a plan.

There was an audible gasp in the Senate as John McCain voted against repealing parts of Obamacare early Friday morning. The surprising vote frustrated many republicans in the House who passed the American Healthcare Act—including Georgia Congressman Buddy Carter.

"Those votes on the American Healthcare Act, that was tough for a lot of our members. But they did the right thing and what we sent to Senate was a good bill," said Carter.

Georgia residents—like many across the country—face skyrocketing premiums. Blue Cross Blue Shield prices could jump 40% next year.

"That's unsustainable. We've got to address it. That's why we have to do something about Obamacare. I don't throw good money after bad,” said Carter.

For those selling insurance, the vote signaled more confusion over just what will happen in the healthcare market. Bill Lucas owns an insurance company in Richmond Hill.

"What they're asking us to do is help prepare customers and yet we don't know what to prepare them for so we have to assume the worst,” said Lucas.

The worst could be no option for insurance. While not much is known right now, Lucas said a few things are certain.

"We're going to have fewer plans, higher prices and more people will lose coverage because they can't afford it,” said Lucas.

That takes us back to Congress where republicans like Congressman Carter said something must be done. He admits it won't be perfect, but it will take a bi-partisan effort.

"We are not giving up. This is America. Americans don't give up, and I'm not going to give up on Healthcare. I can assure you of that,” said Carter.

For many Georgians wondering how much their insurance will cost or if they will even have access to it, their eyes will be on our elected leaders now more than ever.

Friday, President Trump announced the firing of Reince Priebus—his Chief of Staff. We asked Carter if the instability in the administration is hindering their agenda.

He said they definitely need stability within the White House but says it's not a huge cause for concern.

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