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Husband of woman charged with arson, attempted murder for Salt Creek Rd. home fire speaks out

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Shocking allegations in Garden City - a woman behind bars and charged with setting fire to a home and trying to kill the people inside. Officers arrested 27-year-old Krista Huggins on Friday.

Now, we;re hearing from the homeowners and Huggins' husband, the very people police say she was trying to kill.

We first broke the story on Thursday morning when fire crews responded to the scene of a residential structure fire on Salt Creek Road in Savannah.

It was Thursday morning and Robert Gillis happened to be siting at his computer.

"I thought it might be something on the stove and I run in there and looked and wasn't nothing on the stove," said Gillis.

He ran to wake his wife up. Little did they know - this wasn't an accident. Someone set the house on fire.

Krista Huggins snuck in through the garage and started the fire in a dresser. Police are still investigating what she used to start the fire. 

She took a path from the garage, up some stairs and into the bedroom of her husband.

Her husband tells us 5 days before this fire - he told his wife he was done. They were getting a divorce. He says this isn't the first time she tried to kill him.

She tried to stab him in his sleep and also kill him on their honeymoon.

"She tried to stab me before. She bit through my cheek," said Brooker.

He says - this is his grandparents home - and they treat her like family. He doesn't understand. 

"She knows he sleeps in there," said Joshua Brooker, Huggins' Husband. "She calls him Papa so I just can't comprehend that." 

Police arrested Huggins shortly after the fire. The grandfather couldn't believe how quickly they knew it was her.

"I asked the detective - how in the world did y'all find this thing so fast. Actually she was bragging to some people about it. That's how they picked her up so fast," said Gillis.

Fortunately the elderly couple and 5 other people in the home made it out without injuries, however their 2 dogs did pass away.

The home owners say they almost didn't make it out safely. The fire came close to their gun and artillery closet. If that caught fire, the whole house would have combusted and burnt to the ground.

"Luckily. Blessed I would have to say. If I had not been at the computer. We'd have been gone," said Gillis.

Brooker says his wife was diagnosed with a mental disorder. He tried to be forgiving over the years - but never thought it would come to his family almost losing their lives. Huggins is charged with aggravated assault, arson, cruelty to animals, and criminal attempt to commit a misdemeanor. She has not been given a bond. 

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