Second Fast Food Restaurant Robbed by Masked Men

Two Savannah fast food restaurants were robbed within 24 hours. This morning, shortly before 10am, police say three men wearing hoods tried to rob the Checkers on Skidaway Road. Nobody was hurt, but police haven't said whether or not the suspect got away with any money.

Businesspeople nearby say they hear about people robbing fast food restaurants all the time, but are surprised robbers hit so early in the morning in broad daylight.

"You can understand if they rob them at night time, but the first thing in the morning when they open up, they won't have that much money in there," said Dilip Patel of the nearby BP service station.

Police say three hooded men also robbed Popeye's Chicken across town on Bull Street about ten hours earlier, but they're not saying if the two cases are related.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,