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Wilmington Island residents complain of high water bills

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Some residents on Wilmington Island are seeing water bills from the City of Savannah as high as $400 or even above that.

Those residents want answers on why they are having to pay so much for water and sewer services.

A social media post involving over 50 people who live in the islands area is getting a conversation going all about this, and how much it is costing them.

But social media isn’t the only place to compare bills. Tuesday, this group of neighbors on Deerwood Road met up in a state of disbelief. I spoke to the woman who took to the Wilmington Island Facebook page.

“Our bill has gone up from $145 to $265,” said Stephanie Hiatt, a Wilmington Island resident.

Hiatt showed me her bill and others on her Facebook post showed what they are dealing with. You can see the difference in usage. We heard of one mother’s reaction when her daughter received an over $300 bill. 

“She went into sticker shock because her bill has doubled and she has been gone for three weeks out of the billing cycle,” said Teresa Mickey, whose daughter lives on Wilmington Island. "Her father has been checking for leaks since he has been here once she got the bill yesterday, and can't find any leaks. There's not any reason why it should be up. Even checked the mean and there was no leakage there and nothing to indicate why it would go up so much."

People are not being shy when it comes to their feelings on the subject. Lorin Titus said hers went from $115 to $300.

Sheila Hawkins says $450 with quadrupled usage on Islandwood. Eric Smith says his last bill was $250 and now it’s $470.

“We have called repeatedly. We were told we have leaks,” Hiatt said.

Hiatt says they have checked for leaks and is convinced everything is fine. And just like this woman, Heather Hurst, they say nothing has changed in my house.

The cost of sewer services is also an issue of question for many residents, knowing for many people it costs more than water usage. Here is the breakdown on Wilmington Island, the base charge is $13.20, it costs $5.05 for 15 units or under and $5.62 for over 15 units of water used.

“We don’t know what to do, they said they will help but you call them and they can’t do anything, so please help us,” said Debbie Craig, a Wilmington Island resident.

I sent eight different addresses where people say they are having problems to the Revenue Director on Tuesday. City of Savannah’s spokesperson tells me the usage is historically high this time of year for those homes but they are investigating those who called.

You are urged to call 311 to report an issue. 

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