Back to School Health Tip: Get all prescriptions in order

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Only a few hours left of summer for students in Savanna-Chatham County Public Schools.

For the past week, WTOC has been giving you all kinds of health advice for the new school year from local pediatrician Dr. Ben Spitalnick.

Dr. Spitalnick also serves as president of the Georgia Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics and urges parents to make sure their children's medications are ready to go for the new school year. This is especially important in life or death situations, and he says all of the forms and prescriptions need to be in by the first day of class.

"This is the time to get from your pediatrician, physician, all the forms you need for chronic and acute illnesses. Children who need EpiPen's or other rescue medications such as Albuterol for asthma need to have them filled, ready and have the paperwork they need so the school, especially the school nurse, knows what to do," Dr. Spitalnick said.

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