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Hometown Heroes: Local couple bringing people together against crime

(Source: WTOC) (Source: WTOC)
(Source: WTOC) (Source: WTOC)

As the Savannah community tries to respond to crime in the city, there are people stepping up to move that effort forward. 

One local couple attempted to find a solution by bringing people together for a fun afternoon that could make a difference. They're trying to find an answer to grief - with laughter. 

"It's easy to do wrong. It's very easy to do wrong. It's hard to do right," 

Joseph and Michelle Pasture have seen one of those and are creating the other - trying to help other families since losing their son two years ago. 

"He was murdered in 2015. He was the first homicide in Chatham in 2015,"

"He was a victim of gun violence; gang and gun violence. So, we are trying to bring more awareness to the incidents that happen in Savannah,"

They're also trying to prevent more incidents from occurring. 

The Pastures formed the non-profit, 'People Against Killing,' in their son's memory. Saturday, they held a block party - an event for the community to come together and take a stand against crime in Savannah. 

"By doing things for the community. trying to save the youth, trying to help the youth. There's an alternative to gun violence. There's an event like this,"

"It's not always about receiving something for free. It's about just coming together, and unity and fellowship with each other,"

The Pastures invited other families who had lost someone to violence to come to the event at  Mother Matilda - turning it into a reunion of sorts - but the real goal of these WTOC Hometown Heroes was to prevent further loss. 

"For one weekend, we can get the kids off the street and come out to the park and run and play and have a good time,"

"It feels good to help someone - for people to come out and eat and dance and have a good time. It feels really good,"

"It's all about the children, trying to help the children and give them alternatives besides joining the neighborhood gang and ride around and do burglary, do robbery. That's not the right thing to do,"

The Pastures also lost a grandson - their late son's son - and dedicated Saturday's event to his memory as well. 

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