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Concussion screenings provided by research lab at Georgia Southern

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The Georgia Southern Eagle football team has returned to practice to get ready for the new season, but some professors work almost year-round studying one serious type of sports injury: concussions. 

The topic has caused concern for a lot of parents, and with good reason. As we learn more about the long-term effects of concussions, more parents want to know the warning signs and how they can keep their athlete safe. The screenings going on this week can help do that. 

The Concussion Research Lab studies sports-related concussions and follows athletes afterward, through their recovery. They try to identify concussions as quickly as possible to begin treatment and recovery. This screening comes in partnership with the local recreation department and the Clark Medical Group to gather preseason information so parents and coaches can compare information in case something happens during the season. 

Professors say the screenings can detect concussion problems and give parents pre-injury data in case of a concussion because they aren't always as apparent as a torn knee or other injuries. 

"Concussions are very different. They're just as serious and more serious, but we have to deal with a whole set of assessments," said Nick Murray, Ph.D., GSU Professor. 

The screenings done Wednesday night could determine if they need to see someone in their lab on campus. 

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