28-year-old Savannah woman found dead in a vehicle early Thursday morning in Albany

Albany, GA (WTOC) - The Albany Police Department is investigating after a woman was found dead inside a vehicle early Thursday morning.

APD has identified the woman as Ashley Boggs, 28, of Savannah.

WTOC's sister station WALB in Albany began covering this Breaking News story. Click here for the latest updates.

We are hearing from the brother of Ashley Boggs. He tells us she played basketball and was a drum major in high school.

This news has understandably devastated her family here in Savannah.

"When you hear about it in your own family, and especially someone as close as a sibling, it hurts," said Rogers Bryant, Murder victim's brother. "It literally tears a hole in you. She was a strong person. I wish there were more people in the world like her because if there were, stuff like this probably wouldn't happen."

No one has been arrested in this case. Police have not yet named any suspects or a motive. Stay with WTOC for updates.

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