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Savannah City Council approves rezoning for new proposed downtown apartment complex

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Savannah city leaders have been debating Thursday on a zoning change in the Victorian District. One of the neighborhoods in Savannah, rich in history.

A zoning hearing was held to discuss the zoning change needed to bring a six-story apartment complex near Forsyth Park on the east side.

We had 10 Savannahians speak on how they would not like the six-story, about 120-unit apartment complex to come to the corner of Drayton and E. Bolton Street. For them, it is mainly an issue of the size and lack of parking.

The developing of the apartment calls for the establishment of a 4-R zoning district. Right now, the maximum height for buildings in that area cannot exceed 40 feet high. Changing to 4-R zone allows for new maximum height to be 70 feet.

Council did decide to approve the creation of the 4-R zoning district and then after that, council approved in a majority vote for the area where the new apartment complex is planned to be rezoned to 4-R.

Alderman Brian Foster and Mayor Eddie DeLoach stressed a need for places for young professionals to live downtown. They also heard from residents who called the proposed new apartment complex a monstrosity.

Here is the back and forth.

"It is impossible for a professional, a young professional who we need in our community, who we want downtown to live there because they cannot afford to live in that area,” said Mayor DeLoach.

"Those requests have been brought to us in a very devious way since Delray ventures has made no effort to tweak their plans so their project would fit better and in the neighborhood,” said Andree Patterson, with the Victorian Neighborhood Association.

The city manager did outline the 4-R zoning cannot be used for non-residential development and they will need a site plan for projects. For development to come, they will need council’s approval.

The Metro Planning Commission asked council to deny the request. 

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