Soaring Temperatures Aren't Driving Away Tourists

The heat and humidity have actually been good for some businesses.
The heat and humidity have actually been good for some businesses.

It is tourist season and that means thousands of people are descending on the Hostess City to see and hear the rich history of Savannah. However, that's not all they're experiencing. The summer months are also bringing soaring temperatures and humidity.

Many first time tourists are feeling the Southern heat.

"It was hot and steamy when we got off the plane," explained Jim Mahoney of Ohio.

"It is a little more humid here," agreed Margie Reece from Ohio.

With daytime temperatures climbing into the nineties, some tourists are having a hard time trying to make the most of the summer vacations.

"I'm a little surprised that it is this hot," admitted Pat Barnet of Ontario.

Many businesses, like the historic trolley tours, are helping their patrons acclimate to the sultry summers of Savannah.

"We try to tell them to drink a lot of water and wear comfortable shoes," explained Phil Sellers from Gray Line Tours, "because if they start to get thirsty, its too late. We offer water or make it available."

The heat and humidity haven't been all bad, in fact, its been good for some local businesses. Old Town Trolley Tours is seeing a constant flow of people. They've already seen an increase in business for the month of July.

"I think guests actually come to us to get off their feet," said general manager Charlie Brazil. "They don't want to walk around as much. They're looking to get on and off the bus, take a breather and get out of the heat."

Visitors say they won't let the hot temperatures drive them away from their summer destination.

"I wanted to come to Savannah to see the town," said Margie Reece, "so that's what I want to do."

Reported by: Melanie A. Ruberti,