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Good News: LongHorn feeding homeless

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One Savannah restaurant is making its steak "to-go."

LongHorn Steakhouse is turning food it's not using into a special weekly meal for the homeless. Once a week, hours before the dinner rush, LongHorn prepares its most meaningful take out order. 

"It's always nice to eat steak. That's for anybody in any household," 

Every week, the Savannah restaurant packages up any surplus food it might have - meat, vegetables, soups - and sends it over to Inner City Night Shelter, where it becomes the finest meal of the week for the chronically homeless individuals the facility serves every day. 

"Nationwide, one in seven Americans is without food, and if we have food that is going to be discarded or go to waste, why not? It's good food,"

It's serving a greater good at Inner City, one serving at a time. 

"We average 80 to 85 people, just on an average day. Of course, when people run out of their snack or their food stamps, our numbers increase,"

"Whether it's to-go orders that don't get picked up or the quality or size specifications of the food doesn't meet what we serve, as opposed to wasting it, why not allow someone to eat,"

"It makes the meal. The meat that they give us actually becomes the entree of the meal,"

Sometimes, LongHorn's donation becomes beef stew. Other times, beef tips or other cuts are served whole. It's always appreciated at Inner City, where the shared compassion is as important as the sustenance. 

"Most of our donations have come from the community, so Inner City is pretty much a city shelter or a community shelter, so the community pretty much takes care of us. I just want to thank LongHorn for its donation and its continued support,"

Support that has been continued quietly for the last five years. 

"If other restaurants could do the same thing and reach out, then we could have a lot less hungry people out there,"

The Savannah LongHorn's is participating in the company's National Harvest Surplus Program - and the donation isn't leftovers. It's fresh, unused food. 

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