Possible Hinesville City Council shakeup after another closed-door executive session

HINESVILLE, GA (WTOC) - The potential for a shakeup within Hinesville City Council continues just weeks after the sitting city manager was suspended without pay.

Only elected council members know the reason behind the suspension, since the decision came out of a closed-door executive session.

Council decided there was the need for yet another executive session and it involved a personnel matter. It didn't require any action like a vote when they came out. So far, that's all we know.

It's not clear - and we won't know - if this latest closed-door conversation was about Hinesville City Manager Billy Edwards. What we do know is the majority of council wanted to send a message to Edwards by taking a vote on June 1.

"Mr. Mayor, I make a motion that the city manager be suspended for two weeks without pay."


One City Manager-related item did come up Thursday. The City Attorney, Linnie Darden, presented proposed amendments to the current city ordinance regarding the hiring and firing of the city manager.

Darden says council requested some clarification of the language because it was confusing, adding the mayor was removed in the proposal because that vote is typically only a tie-breaker. I asked Darden if he could shed some light on the suspension of the city manager.

"I think when everything is brought to a conclusion, some of the documents that right now cannot be disclosed will be able to be disclosed once we resolve the personnel issue," Darden said.

Darden says those documents are correspondence between his office and attorneys for Edwards.

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