Savannah government restructuring departments

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Savannah City Council held a meeting to talk restructuring.

This is something that's been on City Manager Rob Hernandez's agenda since the day he took office.

Hernandez and I spoke about it in depth and he told me this restructuring of the City of Savannah is long overdue. One way to understand how improvements are being made can be explained by taking a closer look at who cuts the grass.

The city manager told me there are four different entities in charge of grass cutting in the city of Savannah. They have one department that does ditches and one that does rights of way and so on. The city and residents don't want to have to make a million phone calls to determine who should be cutting grass, so for the restructuring, a greenscapes department will be formed.

Also, all the city's code enforcement functions will go into another restructured group. Hernandez told me they want everything to be highly focused for the good of everyone.

"Citizens are going to notice something different because services are going to be much more improved and much more streamlined and it is developing a culture within the organization that we are customer focus and strategically aligned. Hopefully all of our customers, residents and businesses, visitors of this city will realize the difference," Hernandez said.

Coming up on Aug. 17, the City of Savannah will have their next workshop on strategic planning. Public safety continues to be the number one priority as the strategic plan continues to come together.