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Statesboro officer helps save heart attack victim


Police officers know they could be put in a deadly situation at a moment's notice. One Statesboro officer used his training to save a life, but he doesn't want to take the credit alone.

Statesboro Police Officer Nathan Janny started his shift last Monday like any other day. But at the first traffic light, instead of turning right toward his patrol zone, something told him to turn left.

“Just as soon as I turned left at the traffic light, I heard EMS's call go out of a subject who was down, unresponsive, and not breathing and was possibly dead,” Officer Janny said.

He responded to the house of a heart attack victim. Training from his prior career in EMS kicked in and he did CPR six to seven minutes until an ambulance arrived. He then helped paramedics get the patient to the hospital.

“It gives you that warm spot that an officer was in a position to help, was motivated to help, and did his job properly,” said Statesboro Police Chief Mike Broadhead.

Doctors told Officer Janny the man would not have survived another minute or two without his rescue.

“I was put in the right place to do the right thing at the right time, and I can only thank God for that,” Officer Janny said.

He says further credit should go to EMS, 911, and the rest of the public safety team that works hard every day to protect the community.

The department plans to honor him at the next city council meeting. 

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