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City of Savannah water bill complaints addressed

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A flood of complaints concerning City of Savannah water bills is now being addressed. 

The City is speaking out after some people, especially those in the Islands area, are seeing water bills as high as $400 or more. 

Many of you have brought your concerns right here to the Broughton Street Municipal Building, either by phone or in person. We were able to sit down with interim Revenue Director Heath Lloyd to talk more about the large amount of complaints they have been receiving about high water bills.

This has now translated to this, and people continue to tell us how unhappy they are about it.

"The water usage part of my bill was $117 and the sewage was $272, it's just me and my wife," said Russell Perry, Wilmington Island Resident.

Mr. Perry and his wife Norma live in Palmetto Cove, we took what they had to say to the man who is in charge of overseeing the water and sewer accounts.

"As far as the addresses that you brought to us that we got from WTOC, I did knock on some of those doors," said Heath Lloyd, Interim Revenue Director, City of Savannah. "We also had some concerns that we called in 311. I did get an opportunity to talk to some of the residents specifically on Wilmington Island."

Lloyd even tested out water meters on his own with a 5 gallon bucket in a suit on Wednesday. We asked what action is being taken now.

"Not just the residents of Wilmington Island but the citizens of Savannah, if you are having a problem call the office or call 311," said Lloyd.

"People if you are having problems please please call in to the city at 311, that is the only way we are going to get anything done," said Norma Perry.

Because of the large amount of complaints they are receiving, we are told it is going to take a number of weeks to investigate all the cases, they do ask you be patient. We are going to sit down with the interim Revenue Director in a few weeks for an update. 

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