Suspect caught on camera stealing trailer from Pooler furniture store

Suspect caught on camera stealing trailer from Pooler furniture store

POOLER, GA (WTOC) - A man was caught on camera stealing a trailer of furniture in Pooler.

The Finders Keepers owner showed up to work Saturday, went to hook up her trailer for an event and it was gone.

A man in a Silverado truck pulled into the back alley behind Finders Keepers around 1 a.m. on Saturday. Backed his truck up to a trailer, hooked it up and drove off. You can see the suspect in video surveillance a gun shop next door captured.

The owner, Dottie Moe, filed a police report and shared the video on Facebook. Comments tell her that others in the area believe their stuff was stolen by the same man in the same truck.

The store manager says with the security and locks they had on the trailer, she has no idea how this man managed to do this.

"There were locks on it. You almost have to take a tire off I guess. We have locks on the other trailers, heavier than this one but this is our delivery trailer so what are we supposed to do? Go underneath the trailer every time and lock it up that way," said Elizabeth Krasley, the store manager said.

The furniture store is in contact with the Pooler Police Department, but also say they're offering a $500 reward if someone in the community finds it first.

The manager says the stuff in the trailer is pretty valuable.

"It had a buffet, a set of end tables or nightstands, and it had a table with six chairs," Krasley said.

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