Lowcountry teachers partake in workshop to learn new policies, programs

Lowcountry teachers partake in workshop to learn new policies, programs

BEAUFORT CO., SC (WTOC) - We are exactly 10 days away from the first day of school for students in Beaufort, Jasper, and Hampton counties.

The districts are anxious for the new year and are looking to apply some new policies, programs, and initiatives to help the students, meaning teachers are already back in the classrooms.

A three-day workshop covers everything from ACT and SAT prep to classroom management. And with some new changes state wide, the district is looking to bring all faculty on one page when it comes to helping them not only succeed to the next grade but after high school as well.

This summer institute is called the Power of Connection Sparks Learning for All. The workshops are geared towards taking learning to the next level, so capitalizing on the resources that are available, collaborating with other teachers on practices that work best in the classroom and getting more hands-on training with new school programs.

"We brought in the Creative Curriculum Company for three days, which allows the teachers to learn how to fully use the programs and implement them in the classrooms," said Beaufort County School District Director of School Readiness, Ashley Hutchinson.

For teachers like Robin Berkeley, this workshop is necessary for getting back in the school routine.

"I just got back from vacation, literally from Hawaii. It's a dream come true, so it's a nice way to ease into it. I'm on the way to my classroom now," said Robin Berkeley, a Pre-K teacher at M.C. Riley Elementary.

The opportunity to talk to other teachers about their techniques and a chance to freshen up on some recently instituted programs.

"The materials I have, we've had them for a couple of years but we never had direct training with them. So now, I can take those materials I wasn't sure about and now I have a better idea on how to use them and assess my children and make them more individualized," Berkeley said.

With changes across the state that require 3rd-grade retention if a student isn't reading up to standard, this workshop comes just in time.

"Any policy changes, you get that firsthand here before school begins. We start our institute Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and people lead that into their classroom Thursday so all of it is going to be current and fresh and they can implement so they are successful in the classroom," said N'Kia Campbell, the director of Academic Initiatives for Beaufort County Schools.

The prep for the school year continues Tuesday and Wednesday. In fact, teachers will have a chance Tuesday to take a look at some classroom instruction that will help explain the solar eclipse that will be affecting some of our area later on this month.

The district says there aren't any major changes to make note of, but they did hire a new director of transportation. So, there may be some slight changes to bus routes and schedules. Please click here for more info.

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